Is epicmeet just for people who host games?

Not at all, you can use epicmeet to join games hosted by other players.

Can epicmeet help me learn about my local game shop?

Yes, you can learn all about the location, types of games they carry, available playing space, website, directions, hours, and phone number.

My local game shop doesn't sell the game I want to purchase. Can epicmeet help?

The epicmeet Venues section may list other nearby game stores you didn't know about. They might have the game you want to buy.

Will my local game store let me host game sessions or tournaments in the store?

You can find out. Epicmeet Venues provides phone numbers for stores in your area.

I don't have any social media accounts. Can I still join or host a game on epicmeet?

Yes. You don't need to be registered on any social media network in order to use epicmeet. Just create your epicmeet account, and join or host games.

How do I create and host an epicmeet game session?

Find your game in the Game library with a search by title, publisher, or genre search. Select "Host game session." Create an event with game name, date & time, and public location. Players on epicmeet who want to join your game can now find it in the Game Sessions section. When you approve them they become a confirmed player.

What if my game's not in the epicmeet library?

You can add it to the library. The app will show you how.

How do I find and join a created game session as a player?

Find the game you want by barcode scan or epicmeet library search. Then, select "Search open game sessions." The Game Sessions section will show your time and place options. Select "Request to join" when you find the game event you want. With host approval, you're in as a confirmed player.

Can I get the app ad-free?

You sure can.

How is social safety taken into account?

New players can only join a game when the host approves them. And hosts can check player profiles and peer reviews before they offer approval. Epicmeet will also only allow hosts to create events in public venues, not at private addresses.

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