"Hey, you know what would be cool?
A GPS-based app for gamers!"
That's how it all started. Epicmeet is what happens when tech industry pioneers team up with creative minds from across the globe. The result is a platform that connects well-fitted players, develops local communities, and builds quality friendships.
The people behind epicmeet are an eclectic bunch. From food service and banking to tech startups and beer sales, we are a dynamic and fun-loving team dedicated to facilitating the best gaming experiences. That's why we've created a tool that's simple to use, and gloriously effective.

Our Team

Neil Dexter

One would be hard pressed to find something Neil hasn't done. He has been a professional Modern, African, and Flamenco Dancer, a Cellist, an Actor, a Chef, a Caterer, a Meat Salesman, and a business owner. Always learning and searching for fun and interesting experiences, Neil loves games with a passion. He also loves his amazing wife and two crazy kids, who someday will most likely have a list of accomplishments longer than his. What would a win look like for Neil? Providing a great life for his family, and getting a few games in here and there! Full Time Nerd

Steve Haak

A seasoned program, project and product manager with over 15 years of experience in web-based technology, marketing and entrepreneurism, Steve is an accomplished industry veteran. Despite all his experience working for Fortune 100 brands, he still finds time to play board games every weekend with his friends and colleagues. His current favorites are Exploding Kittens and Hanabi! Solid State Pros

Kevin Smith

Born the love child of a Inuit singer and a randy leprechaun, Kevin has always had silliness in his genes. All his frivolity has taught him all about the human condition, new adventures, epic podcasts, and quality games. We keep him around for his whip-crack clinical and market research acumen. What would make Kevin’s day? Traveling the world, while making board game pals along the way. Oh, and Buffalo wings.... definitely wings. Solid State Pros

Benjamin Slutz

With a bunch of game theory, economic policy, and business law floating around his head, Ben usually takes a strategic approach to things. But more importantly, he enjoys good ideas. Whether it's telling a dramatic story, playing a hard-to-spot move, or building a new product, he makes sure it's done well. This has been great for epicmeet, and it does him pretty well on game night too! Solid State Pros

Brian Haak

Hardcore software developer helping all things happen. Experienced board gamer. Writing code since 1994. Passionate partner bringing not just source code but UX design, promotion and strategy. Loves Terraforming Mars. Solid State Pros